Parigi, Rodolpho b.1977 / Night Clubbing
about this work
The multiple references used by Parigi help us draw the conclusion that the artist is guided by levelling them out, regardless of their origin, a statement as arbitrary as any logic that intends to be absolute, and that he reiterates, to the panic of accommodated spirits, through the disabused use of pink. Rodolpho brings people, plants and animals together one the same panel, living together in a disconnected architecture, a succession of complex environments, an order beyond the pacific, stable order, whose existence many want, by force, to believe. Witness the appropriation of Jean-Paul Goulde memorable picture of the Jamaican actress/singer Grace Jones, on the front cover of his 1985 album Island Life.

Rodolpho Parigi (b.1977, Brazil)

Night Clubbing, 2011

Oil on canvas
290 x 200 cm
114 3/16 x 78 3/4 in.
Nara Roesler Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil      Current Location:
USA - NY - Long Island, BRINKS (G4Si) Storage PaintingLatin America


Spring Gallery Tour 2011
Spinnerel, Leipzig, Germany
April 2011 - May 2011

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