Costantino, Nicola b.1964 / Still Life/The Dinner
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Costantino, Nicola b.1964 / Still Life/The DinnerCostantino, Nicola b.1964 / Still Life/The Dinner
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With the strength of an atavism that brings intense emotions to the imaginary of contemporary art, the violence that pervades the history of Argentina seems to resurface in the work of artist Nicola Costantino. Meat, a symbolic product and a wealth generator par excellence in a country where rites are maintained with an almost religious devotion, bears the mark of violence and is the central motif in the work of Costantino. Food, the body used as a weapon of seduction, human hair and skin and the flesh of animals, are themes that hide – in an almost subversive way and conveyed through a polished language – the special influence that our barbarian traditions have on her.
(NICOLA COSTANTINO 'The Seduction of Violence' by Ana Martínez Quijano, Buenos Aires) Read More... 

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Nicola Costantino (b.1964, Argentina)

Still Life/The Dinner, 2008

Edition: 2/3
184 x 275 cm
72 7/16 x 108 1/4 in.
Sicart Gallery, Barcelona, Spain Current Location:
USA - NY - Long Island, BRINKS (G4Si) Storage PhotographLatin America


"Everything You Are I Am Not": Highlights of the Tiroche DeLeon LATAM Collection, curated by Catherine Petitgas
MANA Glass Gallery, New Jersy, USA
May 2016 - August 2016


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Hatje Cantz Verlag (Book), 2013
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Ana Martínez Quijano, NICOLA COSTANTINO - The Seduction of Violence
Arte Al Dia (Online), March 2010
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