Pang, Ruben b.1990 / Graduation Night (Triptych)
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Pang, Ruben b.1990 / Graduation Night (Triptych)Pang, Ruben b.1990 / Graduation Night (Triptych)Pang, Ruben b.1990 / Graduation Night (Triptych)
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Graduation Night is Ruben Pang’s interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's mural painting “The Last Supper”. Removing the boundary between abstraction and representation, the artist re-imagined with what appears to be cosmic energy and kinetic vibrations the scene from the last days of Jesus Christ.

“I wanted to portray it with only the essential elements. For me, the most poignant thing about the painting was  Da Vinci’s choice to lay it out in a horizontal way. I took this similar composition to express in an abstract sense a feeling of broken bread and bloodlines.”
Ruben Pang

Ruben Pang (b.1990, Singapore)

Graduation Night (Triptych), 2015

Oil, alkyd and retouching varnish on aluminium composite panel
150 x 450 cm
59 1/16 x 177 3/16 in.
Tiroche DeLeon Residency Program Current Location:
Israel - Panorama Storage, Tel-Aviv - C3 PaintingSouth Asia


TD Residency Program, Jaffa, Israel
July 2015 - July 2015


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