Dono, Heri b.1960 / The Monkey Astronaut
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'Monkey Astronaut' refers to the monkeys and chimpanzees sent into space in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as to popular science fiction movies such as 'Planet of the Apes' that predict a future world ruled by non-human primates. 
Dono's distinctive style came out of an exploration of Javanese puppet theatre. Drawing on traditional aspects of Indonesian culture and art marketing, his immersive multi-media installations and paintings speak to the plurality in global contemporary art. Beneath a playful approach through combining storytelling, mythology, machines, and animation, there is a poignant socio-political comment on the situation in Indonesia, as well as the fraught interrelationship between the local and the global   

Heri Dono (b.1960, Indonesia)

The Monkey Astronaut, 2013

Acrylic on canvas
198 x 149 cm.
77 15/16 x 58 11/16 in.
Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York NY, USA  Current Location:
USA - New Jersey S - M PaintingSouth Asia


The World and I
Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York NY, USA
October 2014 - December 2014

The World and I: Heri Dono's Art Odyssey
Art:1 New Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia


The World and I: Heri Dono's Art Odyssey
(Online), 2014

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