Patrício, José b.1960 / Collection 2
about this work
Jose Patricio’s work is underlain by numerical structures that comprise the foundation for its visuality. His chromatic compositions are at times dictated by increasing or decreasing domino or dice number combinations, for instance. At other times, the visual outcome is generated via associations of equal and different elements such as buttons and puzzles. For those acquainted with his poetics, these are widely known affirmations.

José Patrício (b.1960, Brazil)

Collection 2, 2005

6274 glazed buttons on canvas and wood
114 x 224 cm
44 7/8 x 88 3/16 in.
Nara Roesler Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil      Current Location:
USA - NY - Long Island, BRINKS (G4Si) Storage PaintingLatin America

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