Faitakis, Stelios b.1976 / The Legacy of Decline
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Stelios Faitakis trained as a painter and was one of the pioneering figures in the street art movement that flourished in Athens since the mid-1990s. Faitakis’ figurative, anthropocentric paintings and murals (which are a veritable assault on the eye) are political and social allegories, packed with visual information, multi-layered narratives and dense symbolism. Executed in the resuscitated and reinvented style of icon painting, cross-fertilized with a variety of other visual references, and rendered in a characteristic palette of warm golds, vibrant hues of red, and a variety of ochres and earth tones, Faitakis’ works possess an unmistakable visual character. This is particularly noteworthy at a time when ascertaining an artistic ‘signature’ is becoming increasingly difficult and more and more rare. Apart from the obvious influence of Byzantine (and particularly Cretan) icon painting, Faitakis’ work is informed – equally – by graffiti, urban culture, German expressionism, old master painting (particularly Pieter Bruegel the elder, Albrecht Durer and Hans Memling), Mexican muralism, traditional Greek shadow theater, and Japanese woodcuts.

Stelios Faitakis (b.1976, Greece)

The Legacy of Decline, 2011

Acrylic paint, plastic paint and spray paint on wood panels
400 x 800 cm
157 1/2 x 314 15/16 in.
The Breeder Gallery, Athens, Greece Current Location:
USA - New Jersey S - Crozier PaintingMiddle East


Art in the Streets
The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles, USA
April 2011 - August 2011


Artinthestreet.com (Online), May 21th, 2020
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Stelios Faitakis, Zander Blom, Prix Jean-Francois Prat
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Gestalten, Berlin, Germany (Monograph), 2011

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