Thai Tuan, Nguyen b.1965 / Black Painting No. 58
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The woman on Black Painting No. 58 was awarded as heroic mother by the government because her husband and children were martyrs. The absence of face and body reclaims the loss of memory and with it the loss of identity. This clothes denotes that this woman stop to question and, indoctrinate by a power that give her a prize for the loss her family and identity, become an “heroic mother” that cannot suffer but be proud of the loss of her family.

In the monograph on Nguyen Thai Tuan, the Italian art critic Demetrio Paparoni states:“ The dark background that nullifies the surrounding environment ultimately indicates that, by filtering reality through an ideological lens, the man only sees what the artist wants him to see. The painting illustrated how, due to propagandistic manipulation, collective memory loss does not allow one to have a broad and lucid view of history.”

Nguyen Thai Tuan rises questions about political, moral and metaphysical guilt of everybody. In this painting is clearly discussed "the loss of human values as a result of political power, which transforms the subjects into robots devoid of a past. It is only once individual and collective memory have been retrieved that guilt can be determined, and the future regarded with new eyes. In raising questions about the importance that memory takes on in defining view of the world, Nguyen Thai Tuan shows us that the future of a population can only be conceived and planned based on the memory of past events.”

Nguyen Thai Tuan (b.1965, Vietnam)

Black Painting No. 58 , 2008

Oil on canvas
129.54 x 109.22 cm
51 x 43 in.
Primae Noctis, Lugano, Switzerland Current Location:
UK - London - G4Si PaintingSouth Asia


Asia Now Paris
Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
October 2015 - 2015

Primae Noctis, Lugano, Switzerland
May 2015 - September 2015


Demetrio Paparoni, Nguyen Thai Tuan: Black Painting & Heritage
Primae Noctis Gallery (Catalogue), March 2015, pp.35

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