López, Mateo b. 1978 / Caja Negra
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López, Mateo b. 1978 / Caja NegraLópez, Mateo b. 1978 / Caja NegraLópez, Mateo b. 1978 / Caja Negra
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This work is part of a broader project by Mateo Lopez titled "Avenida Primavera, Casa No. 2", exhibited at Casas Riegner gallery in Bogota August 18 - October 6, 2012. The exhibition was conceived as a walk-in book made up of 12 chapters, each chapter an installation, each chapter considered a work of art. "La caja negra / The Black Box" is chapter no. 6.

Exhibition text:

"Twelve small to medium sized installations arranged in a rhythmic sequence of rooms, constitute Mateo López’s most recent solo exhibition. Gathered under the title Avenida Primavera, Casa No. 2, these installations or micro-worlds, configure the narrative space of a book, where multiple events will unfold in the spectator’s imagination.

Avenida Primavera Casa No. 2—Lopez’s most ambitious project thus far—is conceived as a walk-in book structured into chapters and contained in an unconventional guidebook with images and texts providing guidelines and essential information for visitors to get around the exhibition. Exploring themes like the passing of time, memory, and fiction, the installations serve as catalysts for the construction of multiple narratives, while drastically transforming the exhibition space.

Informed by an array of literary references such as Jorge Luis Borges, Georges Perec, and Orhan Pamuk, each chapter or installation results from the artist’s reinterpretation of ideas and drawings contained in old personal sketchbooks. The exhibition— although a formal and conceptual reflection surrounding the practice of drawing in the expanded field— adopts a critical perspective towards art practice, while advocating the adoption of drawing as a form of resistance. López transgresses the boundaries of drawing by moving away from a two-dimensional flat surface and going deep into the realms of three dimensionality and immateriality. Like an archaeology exhibit, objects and drawings are displayed in glass cases, while audible and olfactory drawings and sculptures in different scales constitute a series of symbols, all of which seek to be woven into numerous open-ended stories."

Mateo López (b. 1978, Colombia)

Caja Negra, 2012

Mixed media installation with 12 minutes looped sound
Edition 2/3
Room size installation:
Room size installation:
Galeria Casa Riegner, Bogota, Colombia Current Location:
USA - NY - Long Island, BRINKS (G4Si) Storage InstallationLatin America


"Everything You Are I Am Not": Highlights of the Tiroche DeLeon LATAM Collection, curated by Catherine Petitgas
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"Everything You Are I Am Not": Highlights of the Tiroche DeLeon LATAM Collection, curated by Catherine Petitgas
Mana Wynwood, Miami, US
December 2015 - 12/06/2015

Avenida Primavera, Casa No. 2
Casas Riegner Gallery, Bogota, Colombia
August 2012 - October 2012


Dorothée Dupuis, Art Basel Miami Beach Art Week 2015
Terremoto (Online), December 2015
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Mateo Lopez
ArtNexus (Magazine), 2012

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