Rodolpho Parigi (b.1977, Brazil)

Rodolpho Parigi belongs to a new wave of artists who have recently revived Brazilian contemporary painting. His production lies on the boundary of conscience and that which we recognise, living in the abysm of reality. His painting is disquieting, reinventing and renegotiating its space on the canvas and in the eyes and mind of anyone who regards it.At the start of his career, his work stood out for its distorted visceral forms and black demarcations, brought from his black and white murals, in colourful and explosive paintings where his characteristic pink and the energy contained by the edges of the canvas caught the eye. His solo exhibition Concrete Blonde (2009) marked a change indirection; organic forms gave way to straight line features that previously served as guide markings in the background, now dominating the dizzying and splintered large-scale urban landscapes. Worthy of note is the almost 5 metre-wide triptych, Waves. Amidst precision, layers and transparency, lies the synthesis of the speed of 21st century urban life, the fragments and overlaps, the ordered chaos and the varied planes onto which life unfolds. Two series from the same era, of a more intimate nature, Gold maps and Metadilemas, focus on the mystical and esoterical in golden drawings, while the collages composed in bright pink paper present other aspects to abstract investigations. 

Parigi, Rodolpho b.1977

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