Liao, Guohe b.1977 / Old Fuck
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Liao, Guohe b.1977 / Old FuckLiao, Guohe b.1977 / Old Fuck
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This work illustrates the artist's crude approach towards painting and symbols, his venting of emotion and the exposure of his great distrust and suspicion of both image and narrative. The work stands in open revolt of the established contemporary art aesthetic, as a ruthless mockery of the hegemony of image and narrative, and of the new emerging artist's common quality.  

Guohe Liao (b.1977, India)

Old Fuck, 2011

Acrylic on canvas
190 x 218 cm
74 13/16 x 85 13/16 in.
Bores-Li Gallery, Beijing, China  Current Location:
Hong Kong - BRINK'S HK PaintingFar East


Popular Painting
Boers Li Gallery, Beijing, China
March 2012 - April 2012

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