Muniz, Vik b.1961 / After Barry Le Va, 1969 (from Pictures of Dust)
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Muniz, Vik b.1961 / After Barry Le Va, 1969 (from Pictures of Dust)Muniz, Vik b.1961 / After Barry Le Va, 1969 (from Pictures of Dust)
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For the series entitled Pictures of Dust, Muniz used installation photographs of large-scale Minimalist and Post-Minimalist sculpture from the files of the Whitney Museum of American Art as his inspiration. He then collected bags of dust from the museum's vacuum cleaners, from which he painstakingly copied his source material. The result is a perceptual hall of mirrors-images of drawings in dust from photographs depicting tons of geometric sculpture. Muniz's conceptual gesture brilliantly enfolds a single stylistic transition from the history of art-from Minimalism's primary structures and industrial solidity to the scattered "anti-form" fragility of what followed-into his own dance with dust, suggesting the ultimate ephemerality of all movements. In its largest sense, the works also demonstrate the interplay between order and chaos that is at the heart of not only what Muniz depicts but his own art as well.

This Image is after Barry Le Va's Omitted Section Of A Section Omitted, 1969 which was Installed at the Whitney Museum in "Anti-illusion: Procedeurs/Materials" May 19 June 6, 1969

Vik Muniz (b.1961, Brazil)

After Barry Le Va, 1969 (from Pictures of Dust), 2000

Small silver dye bleach print
Edition: 10/10+5AP
101.6 x 101.6 cm
40 x 40 in.
Fortes Vilaca Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil  Current Location:
USA - NY - Long Island, BRINKS (G4Si) Storage PhotographLatin America


Vik Muniz
Zemack Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
June 2013 - July 2013


Maayan Sheleff, Vik Muniz
Zemack Gallery (Catalogue), 2013
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Pedro Corrêa do Lago, Vik Muniz, Obra Completa, 1987 - 2009
Capivara Editora 2009 (Catalogue Raisonne), 2009

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