• Rina Banerjee at PAFA

    Two Banerjee works from the Tiroche DeLeon Collection participate in her first North American retrospective, currently on view at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

  • Luciana Lamothe at Pinta

    Installation view of the exhibition "Ad Astra" curated by Ysabel Pinyol at Mana contemporary in Miami. 

  • Rina Banerjee's "Winter Flower" acquired by San José Museum of Art

    Our first direct sale to a Museum who will be display the work from May-Oct 2019 as part of the artist's traveling retrospective.

  • Award-winning documentary “The Price of Everything”

    Serge Tiroche appears briefly in Nathaniel Kahn’s widely publicized art world documentary, see it on HBO.

  • Firelei Baez at Garage Museum

    'The Fabric of Felicity', until January 27, 2019


ZKM - Center for Art and Media, Lorenzstr, Germany
SAM - Singapore Art Museum
Musee d'art Contemporaine de Rochechouart, France
Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
Gallery Yang, Beijing, China
Galerie Marian Goodman, Paris, France
Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK
Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China
Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy
Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Germann Auction House, Zurich, Switzerland