Zhao, Zhao b.1982 / Thank You Brother-in-law (2)
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Zhao Zhao's culturally post-modern polyphonic rather than modernist monophonic approach, that is to say as an artist who metaphorically speaking 'sings different songs', challenges the viewer through an unpredictable and often spontaneous multiplicity of different material forms and practices. Their visual or conceptual potency exist moreover in the immediate circumstances of his life and engagement at the time of their making. Yet a certain sense of Chinese humour or provocative wit underlies many of his endeavours. In a large painting called Thank You Brother-in-Law (2), an appropriated photograph of a female body-builder has been used, and recast into another strange unrealistic setting. Somewhat puzzling to the Chinese imagination the masculine woman is shown in an allusion to an interior/exterior space with grass depicted in the foreground and pink candy-striped wallpaper beyond. The collage effect is that of an intentionally humorous displacement 'pink is a good colour' so the artist states, while the outcome for the viewer appears highly amusing. The body-builder holds a posy of flowers, a doubly play, perhaps, on the idea suggested by the idea of 'to pose', that is to say as the overly muscled woman presents herself in terms of a pseudo-male persona.

Zhao Zhao (b.1982, China)

Thank You Brother-in-law (2), 2010

Oil on canvas
300 x 250 cm
118 1/8 x 98 7/16 in.
Alexander Ochs Gallery Berlin, Germany Current Location:
Hong Kong - BRINK'S HK PaintingFar East


Zhao Zhao, Walking naked
Alexander Ochs Gallery, Berlin, Germany
March 2011 - May 2011


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