Jai Inn, Mit b.1960 / Untitled (scroll)
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Jai Inn, Mit b.1960 / Untitled (scroll)Jai Inn, Mit b.1960 / Untitled (scroll)Jai Inn, Mit b.1960 / Untitled (scroll)
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Embedded in Jai Inn’s multi-layered, colorful compositions and ongoing serial forms are nods to the history of painting in both the East and West together with memories of a sacred-secular intimacy of color-form-function, and site-specific dedications to the nations, spaces, hosts or the viewers of his works. While the artist is less interested in general religious associations between his paintings and suspended prayer flags or rolled iconographic ceremonial painting, he is inspired by and willfully inherits associations with their direct purpose: to create a merit-field for the makers and their audience; to be an invitation, an opening.

This work is encrusted with blotches and varying measures and blurs of longitude and latitude. The artist speaks of this series as site-specific memorial, “Both consciously and unconsciously, they are a recognition of the atmosphere and liveliness of the Berlin I knew…retrospective and blurred memories…a vibration from a distance.” 

Mit Jai Inn (b.1960, Thailand )

Untitled (scroll), 2014

Oil on canvas
84 x 434 cm
33 1/16 x 170 7/8 in.
Arndt Gallery, Berlin, Germany  Current Location:
Hong Kong - BRINK'S HK SculptureSouth Asia


Traitor and Tradition
Arndt Gallery, Berlin, Germany
September 2014 - October 2014

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