Kumar Mishra, Anant b.1983 / When The Gods Were Born 2
about this work
In today’s time, we continue to worship mythological deities with exceptional powers. Growing up on stories from the Mahabharat, the Ramayan, and the Puranas (Hindu mythological and sociological texts) my conscience was populated with images of deities with immense powers - Ravana with his ten heads, Shiva with his third eye, Durga with her eight hands 

Then is it possible that a fetus in the womb, if born with such abnormal features, can possess extraordinary powers? Can such human creativity, if gone undetected while still in the womb, in spite of all medical advancements, be born to be given a special status and not considered a stigma in the society?  …..

These sculptures do not seek any absolute answers but rather, pose questions about our constructions of reality, about possibility and about process. I have become enthralled with the immeasurable incidence of art and creativity and the process of converting visualization into a tangible expression of thought… a process towards transcending mental imagery into corporeal expressions

My vision is to provide a viewing from any direction, thus intrinsically first appearing attractive, intriguing and recognizable, yet ultimately peculiar, mystifying and disconcerting.  Thus invite aesthetic exploration to dream this moment forward
(Anant Kumar Mishra)

Anant Kumar Mishra (b.1983, India)

When The Gods Were Born 2, 2010

Mixed media
29 x 19 x 13 cm
11 7/16 x 7 1/2 x 5 1/8 in.
Religare Art Gallery, New Delhi, India Current Location:
UK - London - G4Si SculptureSouth Asia


Religare Art Gallery Booth
India Art Summit, New Delhi, India
January 2011

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