Reddy, Ravinder b.1956 / Woman
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Reddy, Ravinder b.1956 / WomanReddy, Ravinder b.1956 / Woman
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Woman is the most enduring theme in Ravinder Reddy's oeuvre. The gargantuan heads, with their very familiar and ungainly physiologies, are vividly erotic but their worldly sensuality coexists with an other-worldly gaze in their large unblinking eyes. Reddy's women fall short from delivering themselves as the object of desire, their disembodied eyes, alternately all possessing and unseeing, transform them into formidable apparitions or comic spectacle that shifts between iconic grandeur and mocking parody. With rounded volumes and chiselled details, sporting flamboyant coiffeurs, Reddy's women are ethnic, distinctly common, suspended between the urban and the rural, a cultural hybrid. 

Ravinder Reddy (b.1956, India)

Woman, 2010

Gold leaf on painted fiberglass
Edition: 3/3
172.72 x 86.36 x 35.56 cm
68 x 34 x 14 in.
Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, India Current Location:
UK - London - G4Si SculptureSouth Asia


Sakshi Gallery Booth
India Art Summit, New Delhi, India
January 2011

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