Ganesh, Chitra b.1975 / Mechanical Girl
about this work
Chitra Ganesh graduated from Brown University in 1996 with a BA in Comparative Literature and Art Semiotics. Her concerns with language are evident in her work. Images of bodies and words are unhinged from their normal significance and raise questions about the representation of gender, sexuality and power. Enigmatic female figures populate Ganesh’s oeuvre: there are women with eyes as nipples, severed limbs, and hybrid features. Ganesh uses these figures to further her investigation into alternative narratives, explaining: “the body becomes a site of transgression, both social and psychic, doubled, dismembered and continually exceeding its limits.”

Chitra Ganesh (b.1975, India)

Mechanical Girl, 2010

Mixed media and collage on paper
152 x 102 cm
59 13/16 x 40 3/16 in.
Espace Gallery, New Delhi, India Current Location:
UK - London - G4Si Works on PaperSouth Asia


Gallery Espace Booth
India Art Summit, New Delhi, India
January 2011

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