Hao, Wu b.1985 / Rolling Gate No.4
about this work
The materiality of paint and its ubiquitous presence in the city is explored in the work ‘Rolling Gate’. Comprising a series of interventions, Wu Hao collects old rolling gates from stores in Wuhan, pockmarked with telephone numbers advertising the service of laborers, which have then been re-painted in attempts by city authorities to beautify urban areas. The work’s creation process activates a permanent trace in the city as the artist initiates a dialogue with shopkeepers to part with these objects in exchange for a new gate. Displaced into an exhibition space, these found objects embody both conscious and unconscious attitudes filtered through the action of painting, standing as an unexpected measure of social temperatures, and demarcating degrees of order and disorder in the city.

The entire series will comprise of nine gates:
Gate No.1 was exhibited at the inaugural exhibition "Inside China" at the Palais to Tokyo, Paris and is part of the DSL Collection.
Gate No.2 is part of the second and third iterations of the exhibition at K11 in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China.
Gate No.6 is part of the Daimler Collection, exhibited there from September 2015 to Jan 2016, Berlin, Germany.

Wu Hao (b.1985, China )

Rolling Gate No.4, 2014

Metal shutter gate
263 x 238 cm
103 9/16 x 93 11/16 in.
Magician Space, Beijing Current Location:
Hong Kong - BRINK'S HK Mixed Media Wall WorkFar East

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