Zhao, Zhao b.1982 / Constellations II No. 3
about this work
In the winter of 2005, Zhao Zhao had a car accident in which he crashed his forehead into the windshield and broke the glass. When he brought his car to the garage, the repairman asked him whether he would like to keep the broken glass or replace it. Zhao Zhao chose to keep it.

In 2007, Zhao Zhao purchased a rifle gun online – a Gamo, made in Spain. This triggered his interest in historical events related to guns. He then started to collect images and documents concerning the Tiananmen Square Demonstrations. In China, apart from some exceptional cases, firearms are prohibited from being privately owned. Naturally after he had purchased the gun, supervision shortly came to investigate the case.

Zhao Zhao had no choice but to destroy the gun. He found a steel manufacturing factory to cut the gun into pieces and then later shown the chainsawed gun in a group show. The broken glasses and gun inspired Zhao Zhao to carry on the creation of “Constellations”. However to the  accompaniment of strict surveillance of firearms, it became more and more difficult to possess a gun since 2007. That’s why Zhao Zhao's creation of this piece is considered illegal. Therefore, the different approaches  towards firearms supervision between western and Chinese society, is one of the themes in this work. Zhao Zhao's thinks this matter is also related to a common need for a sense of security as well as the fear from insecurity."Constellations" tries to elevate a discussion about violent behaviours, its cruel history and its politics.

Zhao Zhao (b.1982, China)

Constellations II No. 3, 2013

Gun shot Mirror, Frame, with signed A4 size document
135 x 175 x 17 cm
53 1/8 x 68 7/8 x 6 11/16 in.
Platform China, Beijing, China Current Location:
Hong Kong - BRINK'S HK Mixed Media Wall WorkFar East


Platform China Booth
Liste Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
June 2013


DSL Collection , DSL Collection Issue no.5
DSL Collection (Magazine), August 2014

Tom Chen, VIDEO: Zhao Zhao's Gunshots for Art Basel Hong Kong
Blouin Artinfo (Online), May 20, 2013
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