Tirafkan, Sadegh b.1965 / Human Tapestry # 8
about this work
In his series “Human Tapestry” Tirafkan has risen to commemorate the traditional art and unknown artisans of his homeland to tie traditional beliefs and ancient patterns to the modern people and contemporary aesthetics. In this series, he clearly detaches himself from photography and the audience is no longer limited to the two-dimensional confines of the photographs because some other patterns have been woven for them. 

Sadegh Tirafkan (b.1965, Iraq)

Human Tapestry # 8, 2009-2010

Digital photo collage
Edition: 2/6
158 x 215 cm
62 3/16 x 84 5/8 in.
AB Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland  Current Location:
Hong Kong - BRINK'S HK PhotographMiddle East

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