Nir, Uri b.1976 / Accelerator
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Nir, Uri b.1976 / AcceleratorNir, Uri b.1976 / AcceleratorNir, Uri b.1976 / Accelerator
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The movie "Accelerator" was shot in the museum space several weeks before the opening. the filming location extends over two floors: the second level of the Museum (Helena Rubinstein Pavilion) and the basement, over which the occurrence spills. A young child (the artist's son) is surrounded by thin trickles of sand spurting from the noses of sarcophagi suspended in a circle from the ceiling. The sand drips form a cage-like structure around the child. A hole is gaped in the floor amid the sand mounds accumulating at the foot of the imaginary bars, and the sand shot from above flows to the level below, where it piles up. The scene takes place by the light of a storm of flashes, flickering from translucent white doors installed throughout the level, slicing the dark space with glowing whiteness.

Uri Nir (b.1976, Israel)

Accelerator, 2011

Edition: 4/7 + 2AP

Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel Current Location:
UK - London - G4Si VideoMiddle East


Accelerator: Uri Nir
Helena Rubinstein Pavillion for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
April 2011 - July 2011


Tel Aviv Museum, Uri Nir Accelerator
A. Art Print (Catalogue), September 2011

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