Bratkov, Sergey b.1960 / The Best
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Defacing the portrait of former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev by adding big hair and a moustache with black spray paint, Bratkov has transformed the politician into a look-a-like of Jon Lord, a band member of famous British rock group Deep Purple. The result is a grotesque image of Medvedev, who is known to be a fan of old-school rock. Bratkov's work is loaded with irony and humour, tackling issues about contemporary culture and the ideological treatment of images. The ambiguous title of the work may simply refer to the rock band's popular success, but it may just as well be an (ironic) shout-out to the portrayed politician.

Sergey Bratkov (b.1960, Ukraine)

The Best, 2010

Spray paint on color print
65 x 60 cm
25 9/16 x 23 5/8 in.
Regina Gallery, Moscow, Russia Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S PhotographEastern Europe


Red October, Moscow, Russia
December 2010

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