Wu Hao (b.1985, China )

Wu Hao currently lives and works in Wuhan, Hubei Province where he was born in 1985. Working across different forms and techniques, Wu Hao varies the level of formal decision-making, heightening the capacity of painting to gauge influences as ephemeral as temperature (social or meteorological), chance, and time, revealing a persistent inquiry into the fleeting and the permanent.

The works function as a record and document of time compressed. In a new series, Wu Hao collects from stores in Wuhan their old rolling metal gates and replaces them with new ones. Marred with advertisements, these gates have been painted over by the city authorities in a beautification effort. The layers of paint reveal the traces of time and of humanity, in a city teetering on the fragile state of development.

The artist will have an upcoming solo exhibition at K11 Art Foundation, Wuhan (2015). Major group exhibitions include: 'On Curbstone Jewels and Cobblestones', Daimler Contemporary Berlin, Berlin (2015); 'Inside China', Shanghai & Hong Kong (2015); 'L'Interieur Du Geant', Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2014); K11 Exhibition, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hong Kong (2013); 'Our Land Our People', Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou (2012); 'Representation and Expression', National Museum of China, Beijing (2011); '1+1', Contemporary Hubei Fine Art Exhibition, Wuhan (2010).

Hao, Wu b.1985

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