View our Collection on a Map


We are proud to incorporate a new feature to our website:
View the collection on Map

With the new feature visitors can view the entire collection on a map, filtered by: "Artist Origin", "Provenance" or "Current Location". 

How does it work?

It's very simple - go to Collection Page, press the Map Icon ("View on Map") and choose your filter method ("Artist Origin", "Provenance" or "Current Location").
 Pressing the location result will open the list of relevant artworks.

In addition, the map feature is applied on each  Artwork Page, where one can view the entire route of a specific work: "Artist Origin", "Provenance", "Current Location" and "Exhibition History"

news archive

Artist spotlight: Gatot Pujiarto

Oct. 7, 2015On the occasion of the opening of his first solo exhibition at Pearl Lam galleries, we are pleased to highlight our acquisition of 2 works by rising Indonesian artist Gatot Pujiarto.

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Everything you are I am not

Nov. 19, 2015A first exhibition of highlights of the Tiroche DeLeon Latin American Collection at Mana Wynwood Miami, curated by Catherine Petitgas.

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Artist spotlight: I Nyoman Masriadi

March 24, 2015Our most significant acquisition during the first qaurter was Masriadi’s epic painting ‘Great Daddy’, at this year’s Art Stage Singapore. Reason enough to do an artist spotlight.

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