Power Play


ArtReview's annual Power 100 issue is the longest-running and most authoritative guide to the forces driving the international contemporary art scene. Of only 22 artists in the 2013 listing, 4 are represented in the Tiroche DeLeon Collection

Ai Weiwei 'Forever', Marina Abramovic 'Rythm 0', Eko Nugroho 'Instead of Independent 1', El Anatsui 'Earth Developing More Roots'

The listing includes artists, collectors, gallerists, critics and curators who are ranked in order of influence in this definitive and transparent guide to the often obscured structure of the art world today. We collect the top 2 artists- Ai Weiwei and Marina Abramovic, and 2 of the 8 new entrants - El Anatsui and Eko Nugroho.

Ai Weiwei (b.1957, China) - Ranked 9

Ai Weiwei"Social activist, prominent in reconnecting art with issues of social and cultural value”.

Marina Abramovic (b.1946, Yugoslavia) - Ranked 11 

"Performance artist turned celebrity inspirer and admirer, and successful crowdfunder for the Marina Abramović Institut"

El Anatsui (b.1944, Ghana) - Ranked 98 

“Sculptor and teacher whose shimmering curtains made of thousands of throwaway metal objects have seen upsurge in demand and value”.

Eko Nugroho (b.1977, Indonesia) - Ranked 100

“Star artist on the Indonesian art scene, with an international profile, whose work is embedded in both local traditions and global culture”.

The list also includes many others we collaborate with, including galleries - Sadie Coles, Kurimanzutto, Lisson, Massimo de Carlo, Emmanuel Perrotin, Luisa Strina and White Cube - curators, public institutions and auction houses.

ARTSY also published their “Top Tens of 2013”: In the “Top Ten Followed Artists of 2013” Abramovic came 3rd and Weiwei 5th. Pieter Hugo’s “Kin” came in 10th place in “The Top Ten Gallery Shows in 2013”. Zhang Huan’s “Poppy Field No. 11” came in 3rd place in “The Top Ten Most Popular Works of 2013”. In the final listing of “Top Ten Museum Exhibitions of 2013”, Ai Weiwei’s “According to What” ranked 9th.

With major works by some of the most revered artists of today, as well as a long list of those poised to become stars of the future, the Tiroche DeLeon Collection is a true “Power Play” on the contemporary art market.