Artist Spotlight: Luiz Zerbini


The Tiroche DeLeon Collection is pleased to dedicate this artist spotlight to Luiz Zerbini, one of the most respected contemporary artists in Latin America whose carreer is on a very strong trajectory with a recently opened first, and highly anticipated, solo exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery in London following a solo exhibition at Sikemma Jenkins & Co. in New York last year, where the Collection acquired "Fantasmão" - a vibrant and compelling diptych in Zerbini's signature style.

Luiz Zerbini

Born and raised in São Paulo, Luiz Zerbini currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Having established his work in Brazil in the early 90's, Zerbini has since achieved tremendous international success and recognition for his unique body of work.

A multi-faceted artist, Zerbini is known for his experimentation with a wide range of mediums through his production of large-scale panoramic abstract and figurative paintings, slide collages, installations, and sculptures. Such a diverse use of forms exhibits both his remarkably creative aspirations as an artist and his impeccable execution. While vastly different in their forms, his works are linked thematically through his portrayal of the Brazilian landscape. Visions of the city's modernistic architecture juxtaposed with vibrant bursts of lush gardens dominate his compositions, creating an energetic contrast which beckons contemplation. Through an eloquent combination of figurative and abstract shapes, geometric patterns and organic silhouettes, urban metallic tones layered with natures' intensely vivid colors, the artist produces works that defy generic expectations. This short film gives an intriguing insight into Zerbini's artistic process. 

This past January, the Tiroche DeLeon Collection completed the acquisition of Zerbini's mesmerizing "Fantasmão" which was exhibited in May 2016 at the entrance to his exhibition at Sikemma Jenkins in NY, where it was unanimously selected by the collection's advisory board members Catherine Petitgas, Sylvain Levy and Serge Tiroche.

Serge Tiroche with Tiroche DeLeon Collection's advisory board members, Catherine Petitgas and Sylvain Levy


Luiz Zerbini, "Fantasmão" (2016)

Luiz Zerbini, "Fantasmão" (2016)

The stacked horizontal strips in numerous textures and hues displayed on the right canvas, burst through the center towards the left canvas, breaking into a kaleidoscope-like vision of the exuberant Brazilian landscape. This work beautifully demonstrates Zerbini's ability to merge diverse, and perhaps opposing, styles and techniques in a single piece. Geometric abstraction and figuration are harmoniously arranged side by side, and suggest a powerful interaction.  

Some of Zerbini’s notable recent solo exhibitions include Pinturas at Casa Daros, in Rio de Janeiro; Amor at Centro de Arte Contemporânea Inhotim, Minas Gerais; and amor lugar comum at Museude Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro. Zerbini has also presented his work in Biennials in Sao Paulo and Havana. He is represented by prestigious galleries including Sikemma Jenkins & Co. in New York, Stephen Friedman in London and Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel in Brasil.


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