Artist spotlight: Gatot Pujiarto


On the occasion of the opening of his first solo exhibition at Pearl Lam galleries, we are pleased to highlight our acquisition of two works by rising Indonesian artist Gatot Pujiarto.

Gatot Pujiarto, 'Unstoppable / Tak Terbendung', 2012, paper, collage and acrylic, 300x500 cm.

In his works, Pujiarto transitions between material abstraction and figuration. His works express an urgency to comment on daily matters that surround us, but that to him signify the tragedy of humanity, or loss thereof. He encourages his audience to reflect again on those unfortunate circumstances that have become so mundane, that they are overlooked by contemporary society.

By utilizing a distinctive collage and weathering technique on fabric, which is either applied on canvas or installed in the form of a tapestry, Pujiarto reveals a world of human fragility, dominated by passions, tribulations and confusion. In this game of  juxtapositions of realistic and abstract elements, the strength of Pujiarto's compositions, as well as his textures, materials and words create powerful metaphors that bring his audience to question and reflect on the essential conflicts of human existence.

In “Dirty Mind / Otak Porno", he comments on the negative effects of technological advancement on society. He is critical of modern society and in particular on the easy access to pornographic content and its impact on our minds. Through a headless figure with a gaping mouth, symbolizing the loss of control and “dirtiness”, the artist voices his rejection of contemporary pornographic culture.

                    Gatot Pujiarto, 'Dirty Mind / Otak Porno', 2008, thread, magazine paper, textile and acrylic, 200x150 cm.

Thanks to his poignant language and unique technique, Pujiarto is rapidly gaining acclaim, exhibiting widely throughout Indonesia as well as internationally.In the large abstract work "Unstoppable / Tak Terbendung", Pujiarto explores the relationship between fluctuating mental and emotional states. This tension between rational and irrational, impulsion and control, are masterfully expressed via the materiality of the work and the innate tension of the breaking canvas and fabric, evoking feelings of suffering and tearing.

Gatot Pujiarto was born in 1970 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. He graduated from the Department of Fine Art and Design at IKIP Malang in 1995. Currently, the artist lives and works in Malang. Recent exhibitions include Masquerade of Life (2015), Pearl Lam Galleries, Singapore; Shout—Indonesian Contemporary Art (2014), Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma (MACRO), Rome, Italy; Indonesian Contemporary Fiber Art (2012), ArtOne New Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia; and Jatim Art Now (2012), National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.


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