Mabunda , Gonçalo 1975 / Untitled 2
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In this work, Mabunda presents five standing figures created from decommissioned recovered weaponry and military equipment – leftovers from the country’s 16-year-long civil war.

Aside from having a very strong aesthetic value, Mabunda’s work serves a practical purpose: removing weapons from circulation and rendering them inoperable. “The work - says Mabunda - is trying to represent each [person] who died with this same material.”... “If we destroy the weapons, the same weapon's not going to kill any more”. (Tim Hume, “Artist creates objects of beauty from instruments of death”, CNN Africa, 22 March 2012)

The sculptures hold an intrinsic contrast: on one hand they are whimsical and full of joy, on the other hand they evoke a sense of ferocity and sadness. This very dissonance explains Mabunda's language: remembering the victims of this tragedy with a hopeful and almost naive touch, which delivers to its audience a very strong message of life and peace.


Gonçalo Mabunda (1975, Mozambique)

Untitled 2, Completed between 2003-2005

Welded metal and decommissioned weapons
From left to right the five standing figures are titled: Gentlemen, Buziando Sempre
2 untitled sculptures dated 2003, 2005: 132 x 27 x 34 cm.
2 untitled sculptures dated 2003, 2005: 51 15/16 x 10 5/8 x 13 3/8 in.
Bonhams, London, UK Current Location:
Belgium - Brussels - LEMPERTZ SculptureAfrica


Bonhams, London, UK
October 2015 - 01/10/2015

Dare Voce
La Nuvola Gallery, Rome, Italy
June 2012 - 01/06/2012


AFRICA NOW: Contemporary Africa
Bonhams (Catalogue), October, 2015

Barbara Tosi, Dare Voce
La Nuvola Gallery (Catalogue), June 2005

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