Attia, Kader b.1970 / The Repair
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Attia, Kader b.1970 / The RepairAttia, Kader b.1970 / The RepairAttia, Kader b.1970 / The RepairAttia, Kader b.1970 / The RepairAttia, Kader b.1970 / The RepairAttia, Kader b.1970 / The Repair
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This diptych of slides are part of a larger installation, "The Repair from Occident to Extra- Occidental Cultures" in which the artist explores the concept of the repair of objects to their original context - investigating the mixing of European and non- European cultures.

The research of "The Repair" compares on the one hand, soldiers of the First World War disfigured by firearms on whom have been experienced the first plastic surgeries, and on the other hand, people from African ethnic groups, famous for transformations and deformations applied on the body as a symbol of belonging and tradition.

The work has a great emotional, conceptual and visual impact as it investigates the reconstruction, understood as integration and mingling of cultures -  a key part in the evolution of man and its mental growth. The project develops along two main axes; first the relationship between Western and non-Western cultures, and secondly the investigation on repair, reconstruction and transformation of objects. This intense research aims to show the multiple sculptural and plastic forms created by human beings towards objects, body and architecture; an instinct that is expressed out clearly in art, as necessity and survival beyond cultural barriers.  

This is a masterpiece of Attia's work that was conceived and first shown at the Fridericianum Museum in Kassel in 2012 on the occasion of Documenta 13. It was on view again at Art Basel Unlimited in 2013. The three other editions are in the following collections: 1/3 acquired by the Mathaf Museum (Doha, Qatar) with the Documenta installation 2/3 Margulies Foundation (Miami, US) 3/3 Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France).

“One piece particularly important to me is Open Your Eyes by Kader Attia,”. Open Your Eyes is a slide show juxtaposing images of wounded soldiers from the first world war with repaired objects. “This work inspires me in so many ways, broadening my horizons and changing my perspective of thinking.” Lin Han, co-founder of Shanghai's M Woods Museum.

Kader Attia (b.1970, France)

The Repair, 2012

Diptych of 80 slides, 2 slide projectors
Edition: AP1 of edition of 3+ 2AP

Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, France. Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S VideoAfrica


Art Basel Unlimited 2013
Basel, Switzerland
June 2013

Fridericianum Museum ( in occasion of Documenta 13)
Kassel, Germany
June 2012 - September 2012


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