Cruz , Jigger b.1984 / Metaphorical Suffocation
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Cruz , Jigger b.1984 / Metaphorical SuffocationCruz , Jigger b.1984 / Metaphorical SuffocationCruz , Jigger b.1984 / Metaphorical Suffocation
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Jigger Cruz explores the primitive memory of the figurative in contemporary painting. The paintings re-work many of the stylistic quirks and formal concerns of classical painting, employing its basic composition and approximating its processes. His pursuit of the idea that a painting is also an installation resulted in exposing the canvas stretcher bars and revealing all aspects and surfaces in the final form. The underlying figures from classical paintings remind the viewer of the laborious process behind these paintings as well as well as of the art historical baggage of the contemporary painter. Their destruction becomes integral to our aesthetic understanding of the piece.

Jigger Cruz on his exhibited works, "This show is an iconoclastic representation of the suffocation of a certain dialogue between the past and the present. Pedestals metaphorically refer to a dynamic tone with a fundamental frequency of infinite time that never ceases to explore its own frame. The reality of inner consistencies between"the past that never was a present" and "the present that always been a past" prevails. From an approach mixing brutalist sensitivity and a gentle process, each layer shows the physicality of the materials' essential elements. Wet paint on the surface and damaged old frames are part of the language giving an imaginary aesthetic of the parts of history that survived a chaotic expression. In a Contemporary situation, two sculptures representing man and boy (the current work) stand stiffly and wrapped in individual painted canvases. The man represents the "past to present" and the young boy represents the "present to future". The piece shows how the absence of direction leads to an ideological suffocation with only the exposed feet able to walk to new forms of cultural habitat. These forms create a question about transformation of the present to create bridges to fill the gaps between historical inconsistencies. The human as a semblance perishes in so-called "art"; the cultural industry has developed an insatiable illusionism".

Jigger Cruz (b.1984, Philippines)

Metaphorical Suffocation, 2014

Oil painting and resin
132 x 53 x 25 cm.
51 15/16 x 20 7/8 x 9 13/16 in.
Arndt Gallery, Berlin, Germany  Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S SculptureSouth Asia


Jigger Cruz presentation, Arndt Gallery Booth, abc Art Fair
Berlin, Germany
September 2014 - September 2014


Jigger Cruz
Primae Noctis (Online), October 2014
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Michaela Gross, Jigger Cruz (Online), September 18, 2014
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