Wei, Liu b.1972 / Beyond the Sky Limits No.2
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Wei, Liu b.1972 / Beyond the Sky Limits No.2Wei, Liu b.1972 / Beyond the Sky Limits No.2Wei, Liu b.1972 / Beyond the Sky Limits No.2
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Liu Wei’s work shows the artist’s engagement with reality; urbanization and the changing society. Wei’s conceptual approach transcends material and medium in order to question the fixed notion that there is one way to view the world. According to Wei growing up “there was a turn around in values every couple of years”, and so every one of his artworks shows different forms, objects, and narratives. While earlier works engage with and make use of particular cultural, social and political ideas, his recent series of works focuses on his relationship with the material and objects that constitute our world, seeking to “get rid of simple materials, and realize more of the value within the matter itself,” as can be seen in the “branding” of found concrete blocks, discarded appliances, and everyday items with the stamp “Property of L.W.” Liu Wei is one of the most intriguing and active young generation artists working in China today. Wei (b. China 1972) explores his ideas in a multitude of media: from performance, sculpture, photography, video and installation, to painting.

Liu Wei (b.1972, China)

Beyond the Sky Limits No.2, 2012

Oil on canvas, wood
221 x 196 cm.
87 x 77 3/16 in.
Long March Space, Beijing, China Current Location:
UK - London - DeLeon PaintingFar East


Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 Couture Show
Hotel Salomon de Rothschild Paris
01/25/2017 - 01/25/2017


Valentino, Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 Couture Show
(Booklet), January 25 2017
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