Gao, Weigang b.1976 / Misapprehend
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Gao, Weigang b.1976 / MisapprehendGao, Weigang b.1976 / Misapprehend
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"When information is disseminated it is necessarily misapprehended by its recipients.  The funny thing is we are constantly in a state of exploring stories and the details within them, but finally it turns out we’re only looking for a reason to comfort ourselves.  In front of us is a monochrome of black and white depicting an ambiguous figure.  Actually, that’s it.  I think one misunderstands it because its exterior appears complex."
(Weigang Gao, 2012)

Weigang Gao (b.1976, China)

Misapprehend, 2008-2012

Oil on canvas
88 x 78 cm.
34 5/8 x 30 11/16 in.
Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China Current Location:
Hong Kong - S PaintingFar East


Shanghai Gallery of Art Booth
CIGE, China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing, China
April 2012

Tiroche DeLeon Booth
SH Contemporary, Shanghai, China
September 2011


CIGE Gallery Guide
(Other), 2012

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