Suwage, Agus b.1959 / The Kiss #4
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Suwage's oeuvre predominantly circles around the phenomenon of “death”. At the most intimate level, his works might just be a medium for him to face and overcome his constant personal fear towards it. He thereby often uses popular symbols and iconography to invite an engagement with the beholder.  “The Kiss #4” shows a self-portrait kissing a skull. Hereby the beholder is confronted with a combination of the exploration of death and Suwage’s obsession with portraiture. Since the mid 90’s his own projection onto canvas has become the focal point of his artistic concern.

Agus Suwage (b.1959, Indonesia)

The Kiss #4, 2011

Oil and acrylic on canvas
200 x 250 cm.
78 3/4 x 98 7/16 in.
Arndt Gallery, Berlin, Germany  Current Location:
Hong Kong - G4Si PaintingSouth Asia


Art Stage Singapore: Tiroche DeLeon Selling Exhibition
Art Stage Singapore
01/25/2018 - 01/28/2018

ASIA: Looking South
ARNDT Berlin, Berlin, Germany
September 2011 - October 2011


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