Liu Dao (Island 6) est.2006 / Biomimesis
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Liu Dao (Island 6) est.2006 / BiomimesisLiu Dao (Island 6) est.2006 / BiomimesisLiu Dao (Island 6) est.2006 / Biomimesis
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Coined by Otto Schmitt, the term biomimetics refers to the use of observed natural phenomena in man-made technology.  Like its sister piece 'Biomimicry', 'Biomimesis' features a figure, filmed from three angles, presented in LED on the surfaces of a rectangular prism. The figure’s effortless motions, as though swimming through amniotic fluid, recall sonograms and drug induced dreams. This fusion of natural human movement and technologically advanced presentation yields a serenely inspiring meditation on the male form. Through such pieces Liu Dao expresses the belief that the synthesis of nature and technology is not only useful but also beautiful. Computational technology, like that used in this artwork, is, at base, merely ones and zeros but through programming the simple binary code becomes the seamless lines of natural life. Observing pieces like 'Biomimesis' one cannot help but wonder, is there a line between nature and technology or is it all in our heads? 

(Brittney O'Neill)

Liu Dao (Island 6) (est.2006, China)

Biomimesis, 2011

RGB LED display, paper collage , stainless steel structure
112 x 157 x 34 cm.
44 1/8 x 61 13/16 x 13 3/8 in.
Red Gate Gallery, Wanchai, Hong KongChristie's Hong Kong Asian 20th Century Art Day Sale May 28 2017 Current Location:
Hong Kong - S SculptureFar East


Christie's, Asian 20th Century Art Day Sale
(Catalogue), May 28 2017

Ching Ling Loo, What’s Art?
Island 6 website (Online), 22 March 2011
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Thomas Charvériat, Island 6
FoldPress (Catalogue), 2011

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