Thukral & Tagra b.1976,1979 / Kingdom Come I (Couple)
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The work is part of the artists’ on-going series “Put It On,” which hopes to increase awareness about the transmission of HIV and the spread of AIDS. The central image is of one of the famous erotic sculptures from the facades of the medieval era temples in Khajuraho. This image covers the entire canvas but the bottom third is obscured by another painted canvas, draped so as to resemble a bed sheet and covering the more graphic sexual elements of the sculpture image. This canvas is painted with a pattern which uses the diagrams of how to use a condom (taken from condom packaging). The “Put It On” series encompasses paintings, sculptures, installations and product design, as well as out-reach programs with health care organizations, to target young, urban consumers and educate them about the dangers of HIV and how to prevent its transmission.

Thukral & Tagra (b.1976,1979, India)

Kingdom Come I (Couple), 2011

Acrylic, oil & canvas stretched on foam
188 x 130 x 9 cm.
74 x 51 3/16 x 3 9/16 in.
Nature Morte Gallery, Delhi, India Current Location:
Germany - Frankfurt S PaintingSouth Asia


Put it on, again
Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi, India
January 2011 - February 2011


Paris - Delhi - Bombay...
Pompidou Center (Catalogue), 25 May - 19 September, 2011

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