Fatmi, Mounir b.1970 / The Awakening Day
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Fatmi, Mounir b.1970 / The Awakening DayFatmi, Mounir b.1970 / The Awakening DayFatmi, Mounir b.1970 / The Awakening Day
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Throughout the development of his artistic practice, Mounir Fatmi's use and understanding of language has too continued to develop. In describing his assertion that language and play can function with the same brutal drive as mechanized objects, and conversely, that machinery can embody the poetry and lightness of our social and linguistic constructs, Fatmi quotes from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s ‘Finches, 327’, “Let’s compare: invent a game, invent a language, invent a machine”.  Fatmi’s work reveals his urge to grant text a sharp and imposing platform. ‘The Awakening Day’ forms part of a group of works that engage Arabic, Hebrew and German lettering in the sculptural form. Text is used by Fatmi as a sharp and heavy force; the artist places steel Arabic script in a wooden box, linking each character with starter cables. The clash of cultures Fatmi has witnessed in his travels, across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, together with his childhood in Morocco, has heavily informed the narrative of his work. Fatmi’s formal interest in the circle, linked with his conceptual interest in copy and repetition engage the round form as a symbol of the cyclical nature of history and society’s inescapable return to the past.

Mounir Fatmi (b.1970, Morocco)

The Awakening Day, 2011

Mixed media installation: Arabic calligraphy in steel, wooden box, starter cables,paper
Edition: 1/5
110 x 250 x 200 cm
43 5/16 x 98 7/16 x 78 3/4 in.
Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S InstallationAfrica

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