Wei Dong (b.1968, China)

Wei Dong was born in 1968 in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. When Wei was two, the family moved to Wuhan where his father was stationed. In 1987, Wei Dong entered the Fine Arts department at Beijing Normal Institute (Renamed in 1993 Capital Normal University) and in 1991 graduated with a B.A. and the Best Graduate award. Since 1989 Wei Dong's works have been exhibited in various group shows throughout China. 

Born during the harshest phase of the Cultural Revolution, Wei Dong is one of China's most avant-garde artists today and presents a refreshing alternative response to contemporary society. By juxtaposing classical figures of the West with traditional landscapes and tossing in seemingly arbitrary objects into his compositions, Wei Dong brings together conflicting images, traditions, and values into a single pictorial space. His particular vision thereby opens up contemporary Chinese art to fresh and unexpected potential. 

Dong, Wei b.1968

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