Anat Betzer (b.1965, Israel)

Originally one of the heavyweights of the Israeli feminist movement, Anat Betzer’s art-making has since shifted from conceptual installation to explore the traditional medium of oil paint.  Much of her work is emblazoned with deciduous trees, meticulously streaky washes that occasionally resolve into pattern, and bisected planar canvases that hint at a collusion between the traditional European Romantic landscape and High Modernism.  Recent series such as Run Betzer Run capture portraits of hunters posing with their prey which are juxtaposed against shell-shocked civilians.  Her latest work details boats or planes whose trajectories are interrupted as they meet mirrored images of themselves, barely touching at the median of the canvas—this renders the images perfectly, if somewhat unsettlingly, still.​

Betzer, Anat b.1965

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