Shay Id Alony (b.1979, Israel)

Shay Id Alony (1974, Israel) Sculptor, installation and performance artist , Graduate of MFA, Haifa University Art program in 2005.

"The relationship between human being, object and place, is the core of my work. I am a sculptor. Whether I present performance art, video art or installation, the object (sculpture) has a significant place in my work. In the performance medium, my work creates an ongoing dialogue between the object and the subject. The characters in my performances highlight the impact on the space and the object, as well as being influenced directly by the environment they are in. Obesity as a phenomenon fascinates me. I am particularly interested in the relationship between sculptural subject and its interaction with the surroundings. I examine the terms and inter-relations between them; tracing how after the object changes, the subject reacts."

Shay lives and works in Tel-Aviv represented by Braverman Gallery,Tel-Aviv.

Id Alony, Shay b.1979

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