Ivan Chuikov (b. 1935, Russia)

Ivan Chuikov grew up in Moscow, training at the Soviet art schools in the 1950s, and going on to be a teacher himself, as well as a member of the Union of Artists. He spent much of his time producing backdrops for collective farm theatre productions at the Moscow Institute for Applied Arts. Later, he became a close associate of the so-called Sretensky Boulevard group, and had the opportunity to exhibit his own paintings privately at a" studios from the 1970s. Chuikov developed a pictorial style which had parallels to the Pop Athaesthetics of Tom Wesselmann or Surrealists such as Rene Magrise. Often painting in flat, unmixed colours, his main motifs were the reproductions he found around him - books on a" history, picture postcards, TV screens and symbols from printed propaganda. Since these days he has pursued a life-long fascination with the act of looking and the manufacture of visual signs and images.

Boris Groys has written of Chuikov that "Every hierarchy is de-hierarchised in his work, every central position is decentered. All artistic forms are recognised as equally important - but that happens only when they are deprived of their traditional ideological pretence...Twenty years after, the artist continues his work without being distracted by numerous antagonistic fashions following nothing but the immanent logic of his method."

Ivan Chuikov lives and works in Dusseldorf. His works are featured in numerous international museum collections including the LudwigForum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen; Museum of Contemporary A", Basel; Centre Pompidou, Paris; and, the Pushkin State Museumof A"s, Moscow. His solo shows have included Ivan Chuikov 1966-1997 at the Kulturabteilung AG Bayer, Leverkusen (1999) as well as the retrospective exhibition Ivan Chuikov: Labyrinths at the Moscow Museum of Modern A" (2010).

Chuikov, Ivan b. 1935

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