Yoon Suk One (b. 1983, Korea)

Yoon Suk One (b. 1983) lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. He has studied
Contemporary art and Community design at Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea.
he has been attributing to expand the scope of Korean Painting.
By choosing the images of statues made in various periods and places, the
artist has focused on the imprint of the time contained in the statues in which
their outer appearance has been transformed by erosion, weathering, natural
disaster or war. The artist creates new scenery by adding his state of mind as
he accepts the scene of the statues as a landscape.The process of converting
the original landscape in diverse ways like maximizing or deleting the texture
of the original scenery could be called a psychologically duplicating process
of recording what is already gone and what is about to fade away. Ceaselessly
retracing the irreversibility of time, his works have conducted the utmost
involvement of emotions. As the works progress the images, once used as a
subject matter, they become transformed and eventually become estranged
from the original meaning. Moreover, they create the unprecedented screen
of imagery and texture.
Yoon is one of the selected artists by 37th Joongang Fine Arts Prize, a
resident artist at Cheongju Art Studio and Gyeonggi Creation Centre, Ansan.
He has been presenting at various exhibitions held at Gallery Baton, Seoul
Citizens Hall, Culture Station Seoul 284 and Seoul Arts Centre-Hangaram
Design Museum and Gwangju Biennale Pavillion, Gwangju.

Suk One, Yoon b. 1983

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