Liu Shiyuan (b.1985, China)

Liu Shiyuan was born in Beijing in 1985. She graduated with a Bachelor in Digital Media arts from Central Academy of Art in 2009, and an MFA in Photography from School of Visual Arts, New York. Her works investigate the distance between representation and reality, as well as the interplay amongst life, existence and perception under the influence of new media culture by way of photography, collage, installation and video. Her works have been frequently shown in Chinese and international museums, galleries, and biennales.

Among her most important recent shows and projects feature CAFAM Future, Moving in time B3 + Beijing Moving image exhibit (Central Academy of Art Museum, 2015), Lost in Export (White Space Beijing, Beijing, 2015), Now You See (White Box Art Center, New York, 2014), Beyond the Pale (Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen, 2014), Local Future (Hexiangningart Museum, Shenzhen, 2013), Alternatives to Ritual- case of OCAT (Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen, 2013), The 7th Shenzheng Sculpture Biennale (Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen, 2012), Stillspotting (Guggenheim, New York, 2011). 

Shiyuan, Liu b.1985

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