Yu Ji (b.1985, China)

Yu Ji was born in 1985 in Shanghai. She studied in the Sculpture Department at Fine Arts College of Shanghai University where she completed her MFA in 2011. She currently lives and works in Shanghai. The making of works itself is for Yu Ji a process of understanding what art is and what it means to her. It’s not a conceptual strategy but a necessary process of practice and reflection. As anyone raising a small child would appreciate the regularity of everyday life, Yu Ji practices art as a basic and uneventful exercise, something repetitive, unglamorous but indispensable. Trained as a sculptor, Yu Ji is fixated on the idea of sculpting something out of time and space, with the use of a minimal sum of materials. It’s important for her to be involved in the making of the work in a literal sense. She makes them with her own hands, devoting her time and attention to the last detail. Being an artist is not just a profession for her, but a physical experience of actually bringing something to life.

Ji, Yu b.1985

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