Li Gang (b.1986, China )

Li Gang studied painting, but went on to experiment with a wide range of media and materials. He wants his art to stay fresh and committing to only one medium would limit him too much. With Li Gang you never know which form his next group of works will take on. His art has no recognizable style, the common ground lies deeper: in Li Gang’s interest in transformation. This concern encompasses both: his own growth as an artist and the transformation of ordinary objects into art works. His aim is to create art, which is more than just a reproduction or copy of reality, and he challenges himself with all kinds of unusual materials: dead trees, waste from exhaust emissions, cement, stones and hemp string.

Li Gang was born 1986 in Dali in Yunnan Province in China and studied oil painting at Yunnan Dali Academy in Dali, China and art at the Department of Experimental Art of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China. 

Gang, Li b.1986

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