Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo (b.1981, Democratic Republic of the Congo )

A prominent figure among young Congolese painters, Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo was born in 1981. A graduate of the Kinshasa Institute of Fine Arts and Academy in the early 2000s, he studied visual arts at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts from 2004 to 2005. He then had a residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam between 2008-2009. While there, he had his first solo show presenting collages using pictures of faces and limbs clipped out of magazines to compose his works. Bondo, who lives between the Congo and the Netherlands, is one of the young African contemporary artists seeking to turn away from “traditional” clichés of Africa and confront their continent’s reality at the same time as art in its global dimension. He defines his work as a combination of painting, sculpture, photography, and installation. His reflection on the body is at the same time a reflection on society and politics.  

(Yakouba Konaté)

Mwilambwe Bondo, Vitshois b.1981

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