Song Yuanyuan (b.1981, China)

Formerly trained in photography, Song Yuanyuan has recently made his debut solo effort in China as a painter. Taking inspirations from images, photos and pictures, Yuanyuan’s works embody the desire and lure for reality and illusion, and the contradictions the juxtaposition of the two might create. Yuanyuan’s artistic language is based on his perceptions and feelings when in front of everyday spaces, common and often ugly spaces, miserable places where only marks of human presence have been left behind. Analyzing the concept of aesthetic, decoration and ornaments to define values and tastes within a particular living place, the artist creates works that combine these elements and transforming them into a dialogue.

Since graduating from Luxun Academy in Shenyang, Song Yuanyuan has been presenting his works in both solo and group exhibitions. Still at the beginning of his career, his works have been nonetheless exhibited across China since 2006. His first solo show at Platform China 'Examining Objects' opened in 2011 and received great attention from within Asia and abroad. In 2012, the artist was involved in 'CAFAM · Future' organised by CAFA Art Museum. In 2013, Song Yuanyuan also participated in 'On | Off: China’s Young Artists In Concept And Practice' curated by Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China. 

Yuanyuan, Song b.1981

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