Yu Honglei (b.1984, Inner Mongolia)

Yu Honglei, born in Inner Mongolia in 1984, represents a new generation of sculpture and video in China.
Honglei combines a subjective form of order with emotional memory by using literary methods to unravel
hidden stories accrued through the passage of time in objects. The work of Yu Honglei deftly combines
processes of fabrication, appropriation, techniques of repetition and placement. Honglei's work open new
open-ended statements to highlight the dialectical relationship between ideas and form and often engage
personal history to highlight the fragile nature of objects. Yu Honglei's work has been exhibited at the
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, MOCA Shanghai Museum, China, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal
Shenzhen, China and National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

Honglei, Yu b.1984

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