Farhad Moshiri (b. 1963, Iran)

Born in Shiraz, Iran, Farhad Moshiri lives and works in Paris. Moshiri developed a personal language in which to discuss Iranian and Western cultures. Inspired by Pop art, Moshiri overturns both pop culture and highbrow imagery by transforming it into figurative artwork. His pieces are made using everyday objects as well as sparkly, luxurious materials such as pearls, crystals, sequins, and gold leaf. Though his work appears to be playful and decorative, beyond the shimmering surfaces Moshiri casts a more cynical — and often critical — eye. He addresses the flaws of contemporary Iran all while toying with its traditional forms; he acknowledges the appeal of the Western world in addition to its limitations.

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Moshiri, Farhad b. 1963

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