Xu Zhen (MadeIn Company) (est. 2009 , China)

MadeIn Company was established in Shanghai, in 2009, by Xu Zhen. This pluri-disciplinary company is devoted to art creation focusing on the production of creativity, always contributing to the research of contemporary culture's infinite possibilities. MadeIn focuses on the inner structure of the art system, seeking to expand its working field beyond the mere accumulation of experiences or individual subsistence, thereby encouraging a new pathway for cultural development. 

The broadening of cultural activities to stimulate the creation, support and dissemination of contemporary art, for Xu Zhen, is not only formulated in the promotion language of a commercial enterprise but also invokes a curatorial strategy. Questions arise whether this would influence the art being 'produced' in the company, rather than the classical other way around, whereby the kind of art produced in a certain epoch, moment or place informs curatorial practice. Long before the establishing of MadeIn Company, Xu Zhen started up different projects repeatedly to broaden his activities beyond the demands of creating an oeuvre as an individual artist. 

MadeIn Company has been exhibited worldwide, including: Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai, S.M.A.K., Gent, IKON Gallery, Birmingham, Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, Long March Space, Beijing and James Cohan Gallery, New York.

MadeIn company has also participated in the 2010 8th Shanghai Biennale and the 7th Busan Biennale, Korea together with numerous group exhibitions at ShanghART Beijing Space, Beijing, Hayward Gallery, London, Rijskakademie, Amsterdam, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea among many others. Curatorial projects in Shanghai include the group show, ‘Bourgeoisified Proletariat’, Shanghai Songjiang Creative Studio.

Zhen (MadeIn Company), Xu est. 2009

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